Swimming Pool System Designs

All our pools include certain standard features to make your pool ownership pleasant. We feel these features are items you would insist upon if you had extensive knowledge of swimming pool safety, maintenance and construction. Ask us about our standard features.

When building anything – Planning is everything! Our designers use computer aided drafting systems to develop comprehensive plans across all phases of your project.

The goal is to locate the pool so that it receives the maximum available sunlight during swimming hours. In the conceptual plan considerations are: setbacks from lot lines, primary and secondary focal points, prevailing wind direction, location of walks and patios, filtration system location, drainage and landscaping.

Structural details are determined by site topography and soil conditions. All our plans receive certified engineering. The structural and site plan are also used to apply for the building permits.

The plumbing, electrical and layout plans are the key to the execution of high-quality work. The layout plans provide the locations and elevations for structures, patios and walks. With appropriately sized equipment and a plumbing plan we can calculate for the total dynamic head loss; the circulation system is the key to how well the pool will perform. The plumbing and electrical plans also show other trades where lines are buried on site.